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Benefits for Older Adults (Over 50's)

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for the older body as exercises are low impact and are performed in a slow and controlled way and can be tailored to meet individual needs. These exercises can help you to:

  • Improve your posture

  • Encourage better breathing techniques

  • Reduce lower back pain

  • Increase energy/vitality

  • Improve muscular strength and endurance

  • Improve flexibility

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor

  • Help to prevent incontinence

  • Aid joint mobility and stability

  • Help to prevent osteoporosis or reduce the risk of further bone decay

  • Improve balance, co-ordination and kinaesthetic awareness, reducing risk of falls

  • Increased control and stability is crucial as we get older as it can help to improve functional movements used in every day living.  This increases independent living for longer.

  • Pilates is also a good way to rehab from surgical procedures like a hip replacement or knee surgery.


Better breathing techniques, good posture and a stronger more flexible body will make you feel better, look better and enable you to enjoy a long and active third age!

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.”

–  Joseph Pilates

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