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Testimonials: Comments From My Clients

The following comments are just some of the positive things that my clients are saying about my classes. I am so pleased to find that my teaching approach and style is so enjoyed and beneficial to many individuals: 

Morning Lorna,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this weeks class. You truly are a miracle worker channelling your magic through the medium of Pilates.

During the warm up I was not able to stand on my left leg and move my right leg backwards due to the feeling that my hip joint wouldn't support me and discomfort. After completing the class I repeated this move and I was able to do it with reasonable ease.

I am in love with and committed to Pilates.

Thank you.

Thanks Lorna,
I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to join you in February as an unfit, overweight nearly 60 year old. The classes are so fun and friendly, we've had a laugh at every session I've been to.
On a positive note, in the 10 months I've been doing Pilates I've lost a stone in weight and 3 inches off my waist, so thank you. Also, I love wearing dresses but have avoided them for several years in the Winter as I couldn't get my tights on......but I can now so dresses are back in my wardrobe. Can't tell you how thrilled I am.
Thank you.

Hi Lorna,

Just wanted to see how much I enjoy your Pilates classes. I really do feel the benefit, I feel I am getting stronger and have noticed improved balance and flexibility. You are all so lovely and such a welcoming bunch of friendly ladies. The social side is a bonus too. 

Thanks for all you do.

Morning Lorna,
Just joined you on my 1st Pilates video from my living room, didn't think I would enjoy doing this from home but it was great, all ready to start my day now.

Thank you.

Hi Lorna,
I am really enjoying the class, I have done this three times this week. I am not able to do all the repetitions yet but hope to build up with that.
I love the gentle background music and appreciate you explaining the way to do lower levels and the encouragement you give.
When I have completed the course of six I will pop into a class with you so I can meet you and also be corrected on anything I am doing wrong.
Thank you again.
See you soon.

Hi Lorna,

I just want to say a big thank you, not only for the Pilates sessions which I so enjoy even though I find some of the moves difficult haha! I find the sessions great for total mind and body.

So this is a big personal thank you from me, see you Thursday,


I would like to take a moment to share with you my Pilates journey and the difference joining your class has made to me Vestibular Rehabilitation. I have a condition called Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, this condition mean that I have lived with a degree of dizziness for the past four years which is worsened when I have movement from the environment within my vision e.g. people passing, traffic or when I am in a small space. This can be very disorientating resulting previously in numerous falls and is stressful for me causing anxiety when I am out. 

I have had physio in the past who suggested that I start Pilates to strengthen my core which will help with my balance. 

I joined your group via Zoom towards the end of lockdown. Since attending your class twice a week I have experienced a great improvement in balance. I feel that my deep core stabilising muscles along with my muscles around my hips which support my balance have become much stronger.  I have even been able to challenge my balance further by attending one class a week face to face, this would have not been safe for me to attempt a year ago as other people moving near me could have increased my dizziness and cause me to fall. 

I feel much more confident and I have more stability when I am out walking on my own, my anxiety around walking where there are a lot of people has decreased. This week I was able to wear a pair of wedge sandals for the first time in years!!!! 

I thoroughly enjoy your classes both on Zoom and in person. I appreciate the time and care you take to welcome and check in with all your attendees before and after the class, I feel welcome by yourself and all the group. I feel comfortable in your classes being able to choose the  adaptions to each exercise that works for me without feeling any judgement. 

I would like to thank you for being a special part of my continuing rehabilitation and for your encouragement during the class. I thoroughly recommend Pilates with Lorna to anyone considering starting their Pilates journey. 

Many thanks,


Hi Lorna,
It was a great session thank you, and over the past months of attending your Pilates classes, my hips are no longer giving me any pain. Thank you so much. 

I started classes at Hyde Park Social club with Lorna in May 2021, after a long and at times, difficult 18 months of Covid. 

I was anxious about starting, especially as I had isolated for most of the 18 months. However, I shouldn't have worried. 

Lorna is a lovely, calm and gentle teacher, encouraging you to do as much as you can and offering a slightly lower level of each movement at every session if needed. The other ladies (sadly no men in the classes I attend) were so lovely, friendly and supportive, that I absolutely enjoyed the first session so much so, that I added a second session.  

I feel that I have found myself again, after being apart from friends and family for so long and joining in with the 'girls' as I call them. We have a coffee and a chat after the class, which is such a tonic. We have a giggle, share news and ideas, feelings and thoughts. It's a wonderful way to end the class and to socialise in a safe place.  

I would definitely recommend joining one of Lorna's classes, it’s so good for the body and the mind. 


Thank you Lorna for keeping us all strong and flexible with your online videos and zoom classes throughout the whole of the lockdown, allowing us to continue at home. Now that restrictions have eased, I am so pleased that your Pilates classes have started again, always varied, fun, a little challenging, but many option levels to make every lesson accessible for everyone however we are feeling when we arrive. You certainly make us feel better, so a huge Thank you, Beryl 


Hi Lorna,
I suffer from Parkinson’s which brings with it problems with strength and balance. I have a weekly Pilates lesson with 
Lorna in my own home, where she targets the areas which are causing me most problems that week. I can’t recommend 
her personalised classes enough. John



HI Lorna,

I thought I would share some good news with you.

I broke my ankle in July 2018 and subsequently received a bone scan.  This showed to my dismay that I had low bone density (osteopenia).

I joined your pilates class in the Autumn of 2019 and am pleased to report that my latest scan earlier this year showed my bone density had improved…..YEAH!

Kind regards,


Thank you for keeping us all motivated with your fabulous teaching and encouraging us with your positivity, it really rubs off on us! It must take a lot of energy to keep that up (especially when you have been concerned about your daughter, what a wonderful photo yesterday, I'm so happy she is recovered ❤️ and I hope u can visit her soon and hug!) And I for one appreciate greatly all your efforts. Your class is the highlight of my week, I always feel like new xx

C u Wednesday!

Debbie :)

Just to say how much I have been enjoying Pilates with Lorna. An excellent teacher - the best I have had in 4 years. Super to have an evening class teaching traditional Pilates and super that you walk round and look at what we are doing. I wish you all the best.


As a runner, returning from some time out due to injury, I was advised by many people to take Pilates classes to keep injury free. I took a couple of different classes at a few different places, but it wasn’t until I took a class from Lorna I knew I had found what I needed. Her classes are dynamic and change each week. She is brilliant at getting the most out of whatever your ability level is and fun to boot. I am pleased to say that I have remained injury free since starting 6 months ago and as an added bonus got a PB in my latest event - thanks, Lorna!


After I had a really nasty fall a couple of years ago, a friend suggested that I should do something to improve my core strength; so I decided to give Pilates another try (having dabbled with it in the past but found it too strenuous at the time, due to a health condition). Since then I haven’t looked back and Pilates is now a big part of my life.
I love everything about Pilates; it has done wonders for me in terms of my core strength - and in my mid-sixties, the improvement in my balance has been remarkable.
Lorna is a fabulous instructor; her teaching style is gentle and relaxed, but also very informative. Friendly, encouraging and helpful, she is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise and to suggest suitable exercises for particular problem areas such as sciatica, shoulder pain etc. Most of all though there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie in her classes; we work hard but we have so much fun as well! I look forward to every class - and get a real buzz out of the gradual but noticeable improvement in what I can achieve from week to week.
I know that Lorna puts a lot of effort into preparation for her classes, and her hard work really pays off; I always feel confident that at the end of the hour I’ll have learnt something new and be feeling good about myself. I have met some really lovely people through Lorna’s classes, some of whom I now count as real friends - and I invariably come away feeling happy and uplifted with a big beam on my face, and already looking forward to the next class.

Hi Lorna,
I was waiting to write to you because I want you to know how my body is feeling this morning. And it is great!:) Some low back pain at night which is now gone. Yesterday’s class was my first real contact with Pilates and I am in love with it. I am amazed by you and your Pilates exercises. It was a pleasure to be part of the class and I will attend on Friday:) See you then and thank you very much for such a pleasant experience.
Your student,



I started one-to-one Pilates training with Lorna to help my sciatica.   After a few months my back pain has become almost non-existent, but Lorna continues to work with me on everything else that needs attention - posture, ham strings etc.  In fact, tightness and problems in almost every part of my body!  I enjoy the sessions and cannot thank Lorna enough for her patience and understanding of what is needed to rejuvenate the life of a 75 year old lady.  


The Perks of Pilates, 
I started attending Pilates classes almost eighteen months ago. Initially I attended once a week, feeling great benefits after each class. My posture improved, my breathing became more controlled, my core muscle strength improved considerably and my mood calmed. In fact, I felt so good afterwards, that I made time to increase the frequency to twice a week. As human beings we weren’t designed to sit at a desk all day, and it’s not easy to remember to move around when you’re absorbed in drafting a story. So, by making time for these fabulous Pilates classes, I’m doing my body a favour. 
As well as the physical benefits, there is a wonderful side effect of attending a group activity, and that is the opportunity to meet new people. Not only is there the social side to this, but each member of the class is inspiring in some way. It may be that a fellow attendee has overcome an illness or personal tragedy, they may be coping with a disability, or it may simply be that they have an enduring smile no matter what is going on in their life. 
I attend classes run by an exceptional teacher. Lorna’s manner is gentle yet controlled, caring yet encouraging, and she is someone who I look forward to seeing every time. 
The greatest thing about the class has been the making of new friends, and for that I am truly thankful. Writing is a solitary activity, and these classes inject conversation, laughter and companionship into an otherwise quiet working week. 


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