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Benefits for Pre and Post Natal Women

As Pilates is a gentle, low impact and safe form of exercise it is perfect for pre and postnatal women. Exercises can be adapted at each stage of pregnancy to allow for changes in your body as to not place strain on the joints or back and to ensure that you and your baby remain safe whilst exercising. A number of exercises are contraindicated (forbidden) to ensure this.  Pilates also focuses on improving the pelvic floor, breathing and relaxation techniques, all beneficial to both pre and postnatal women.

Pilates works within a controlled range of movement and focuses on increasing strength, stability and mobility rather than simply stretching. This means that pregnant women experiencing increased laxity in their joints, as a result of the hormone relaxin, are at less risk of injury. Strengthening your deep stabilising muscles and glutes can also help to counter the effects of relaxin, meaning that you are less likely to experience pain in your pelvis and back.

Before embarking on a programme of exercise when pregnant it is important that we assess your fitness and conditions. You must also remember that exercise during pregnancy focusing on maintenance rather than massive improvements.

During pregnancy, Pilates can help to reduce:

·       swelling of the limbs

·       fatigue

·       length of labour/birth complications.  Reports have shown that weight bearing exercises can result in
        a shorter and more straight forward delivery.

·       pregnancy induced high blood pressure

·       deep vein thrombosis

·       diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals)

·       muscle imbalances

·       back pain

In addition, Pilates can also help to improve or increase:

·       pelvic floor strength, which will help to support your bladder, bowel and uterus as your baby grows

·       posture

·       maternal wellbeing

·       return to activity post birth

·       core strength, helping to support the baby

·       balance and co-ordination which is important as your baby bump grows

·       circulation and blood flow

·       relaxation and breathing which is important for pregnancy and labour

·       recovery time after birth

Benefits of Postnatal Pilates include:

·       correction of muscle imbalances

·       improved posture

·       improved core stability

·       increased strength and endurance for performing function tasks

·       improved circulation and healing

·       better quality of sleep


Before starting Pilates post birth, it is important that you have had your six-week check and been given the OK
by your GP or midwife.

If you are pregnant or recently had a baby and are thinking of joining a Pilates class, please contact me.

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