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Benefits for Teens

The younger generation can also benefit from Pilates, reaping the benefits of relaxation techniques to manage stress as well as training their bodies to become stronger and for life.

  • Pilates is easy to learn and you don’t need expensive clothing or equipment

  • It is suitable for all fitness levels and you will make progress, improving muscular strength, endurance and flexibility

  • Exercises are designed  to sculpt and streamline the body, but without adding muscle bulk.

  • Improved posture will also help you to look and feel better so you become more body confident

  • Pilates exercises require concentration and increased concentration can help you to better your academic achievements

  • Breathing techniques and relaxation can help you to relax when you feel stressed

  • Pilates can help you to feel better, look better and learn how to look after your body for life!

So why not give it a go and improve your physical and mental wellbeing?

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